The Block Brushes are custom made as per customer’s requirement and it varies in purposes.

These are engineering brushes used for different applications.

All the Cylindrical Brushes are made according to customer’s requirement(s).

These brushes are widely used in Manual/Auto Sweeping and Scrubbing. The stiff bristles remove sticky particles from the floor.

Using these brushes for food processing applications like, Gherkins washing & Grading, extracting the pulp from the fruits like Mango, Guava, Pineapple, Tomato, etc. Other vegetable processing like Potato, Onion, Carrot, etc.

These brushes are for different applications in Latex Dipping process like, Beading, Stripping, Former Washing, Former Drying, etc., in Condom, Latex Gloves, Balloons, Finger Coats etc..

The Main and the Side brushes of the scrubbing and sweeping machines can be rebristled.

Commonly used on roads and runways for effective sweeping.

These brushes are generally used as special purpose, made as per customer’s requirement.

These brushes are used for Bottle washing, Flask washing, Test tube cleaning, Deburring, etc..

These brushes remove the burs and smoothen the surfaces in moulded or machined components.

There are many patterns for filling the bristles. As per customer requirement we will be adopting the apt one.