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Vincent Palathinkal

Founder & Managing Director

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“We strive to be the leading manufacturer of top quality brushes and provide services that satisfy our customers worldwide."

"To produce brushes that are Pristine in Quality, Precise in Production and Pleasing to all our customers worldwide."

Bangalore Brushware started its journey in the year 1981 by a well driven entrepreneur Vincent Palathinkal. Today Bangalore Brushware is a well established firm.
Bangalore Brushware (BBW) was founded in 1981 by a well driven entrepreneur Vincent Palathinkal. With more than three decades gone by BBW has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

• BBW grew from a small enterprise to a Private Limited Company, registered under Indian Companies act, equipped with world class machinery and latest technology.

• From servicing local demands and companies to a company which has clients across the globe and leading companies in their fields.

These achievements are on account of the highly skilled and dedicated work force of the company which has been associated with it since inceptions and growth .Exemplary leadership of its founder Vincent Palathinkal and a committed board of directors who, together with a skilled workforce, have assured BBW BRUSHES PVT LTD into the resounding success as on today.

At BBW, customers are the most important Stakeholders and repetitive quality delivery, efficient costing and excellent customer service continues to be its Top priority. With this aim, the company has continued investments in new development and R&D, automation, towards on-going improvements in product quality and production efficiency. and the quality norms of ISO 9001:2015.

Our History

The Palathinkal family had been in the Coir fiber business almost for three generations in the land of Coconut trees at present known as “God’s Own country”. Mr.Palathinkal ventured into the brush world by the introduction of synthetic bristles. It was during this time that brush industry was undergoing transition from natural fibers to synthetic bristles like Nylon, PP bristles, PBT & Abrasive bristles. Being adventurous in nature and having a constant thirst for knowledge and innovation Vincent Palathinkal decided to completely restructure the company by importing automatic machines from developed countries. Introduction of foreign technology during that time resulted in a huge success for BBW. This encouraged BBW to add more such machines and technology .A variety of brushes were introduced in the domestic and industrial sectors to meet the markets demands.

Today BBW is proud to have its own land and building in the Veerasandra industrial Estate just behind the famous Electronic city, in Hosur road, Bangalore, India. The latest technology introduced it the recently imported machine for full automation of process flow. The production staff has been trained by experts in India and abroad, for repeatable quality. BBW is well equipped to produce all types of special purpose brushes mainly for Cleaning and Housekeeping, food processing, Rubber and latex application brushes& technical brushes for special purpose machines etc. The driving force behind all the success is mainly the creative and innovative R&D section who delivers and caters to all the challenges involved in producing special purpose brushes to customers all over the world and the dedicated service and quality provided by the marketing teams.

BBW is always undergoing constant change in order to be the leading brush manufacturing enterprise. This includes using the latest technology, providing best quality and service of products. Continuous evolution of techniques,accreditation of all leading quality organization, highly motivated and continuously up-skilled team with a great energy to learn and improve characterizes BBW. The success of the company has always been steady and natural. Our global footprints have been ever increasing over the years and list tie ups with Tier 1 companies across the world is ever increasing with rapid pace.
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